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Chris B | VA
Almost two years ago one of our daughters moved in with us after a divorce. She brought her 2 cats and English Mastiff. She also brought another brand of litter which I promptly told her was not working well - odors and pee didn't clump. I have been using Scoop Away since it came on the market - never a problem with odors or clumping. That is why I continue to use Scoop Away.
Linda N | MD
Hello! I have been using Scoop Away for a long time and I thought it was about time that I let you know how much I love it. So thank you for making a product that makes this undesirable task... a little more desirable! haha.
Lyndsey C | CA
I have been using your cat litter for over 5 years now. Absolutely amazing product! I never smell the cat box. I am a loyal customer and I recommend your brand to everyone! Me and my cat Kit love you!
Peg S | NY
I just wanted Scoop Away to know that this is the only cat litter I use for my two monsters: Ninja & Bambam! - I never smell the litter and I live in a one bedroom apartment! But the best thing is that everything clumps! So thank you very much for such a great product! Sincerely, Peg
Harry M | GA
After I purchased Scoop Away, I was very pleased that I no longer needed my FUME MASK to clean up after our cat. I am sure she was just as pleased as me, because she had begun to use "other places" besides the litter box in our basement. THANKS for such a wonderful product. Now our basement smells fresh. What a great surprise. What a great product.
Janet G | OH
Hello, I just wanted to tell you that with ScoopAway there is less cat odor; very easy to scoop out - love the clumping; easy to pour container. There is nothing I don't like about your product. I have three cats and use your product faithfully. Just wanted to let you know that I am a satisfied customer. Thank you!
Renee F | VA
I just want to take the time to tell you all what a great product you have. People can walk into my house and never know I have a cat. The product is wonderful and please do not ever stop making it. Even when the store I normally shop at is out of it I will drive to other stores to find it because I will not use any other cat litter. Thank you so very much.
Sharon P | MA
Just had to tell you how great your products is! my mother,sister and i have had cats for over 40 years so i cant even list all the cat litters we have tried. i didnt always buy sccop away cause it is a little more expensive but my mom i should really go back to it. mom is always right! its fantastic, clumps great, doesnt spray everywhere and my cat loves it!! great job! i ll buy it from now and have told every cat owner i know that is the best
Lee D | FL
I buy your product 42 or 84 pounds at a time since I have 3 cats. My house has been on the market and I have had more than one Realtor or potential buyer tell me they couldn't believe I had any cats. They tell me they can always smell a liter box. Thank you.
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