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The history of Scoop Away Litter

Enter the clump
A&M Products brings clumping cat litter to the United States. They begin production in their garage, but soon invest in the Black Hills Bentonite Company to guarantee a source of high-quality clumping clay that’s still used today.
Demand for clumping litter grows, so Catsanova’s Scoop Away® litter is introduced. The Catsanova name is ultimately dropped, and Scoop Away® litter forges ahead to become the first national brand of clumping cat litter.
A brand is born
A&M is purchased by First Brands Co. after they outgrow their garage with sales of $43 million.
First Brands Co. begins construction of a modern plant in Spring Hill, Kansas as Scoop Away® litter goes national showing up on shelves at most major grocery store chains.
The big time
The Clorox Company then purchases Scoop Away® litter from First Brands Co. and soon launches a complete lineup of easy scooping cat litter products.
Scoop Away® introduces Plus Crystals, one of the many performance improvements that Scoop Away® users have come to love.
Scoop Away® replaces its plastic jugs with new recyclable cardboard cartons that are easier to carry and friendlier for the environment.
Meet Clumpy
and Crumbly
Scoop Away® shakes up litter marketing with “Clumpy & Crumbly,” animated characters who show the difference between Scoop Away® and other litters.
5X Protection.
1 Easy Scoop.
Scoop Away® changes the litter game again with ultra-strong clumping action, antimicrobial properties, and superior odor-fighting protection against urine, feces, and bacterial stink.
Lil BUB +
Scoop Away
A very special cat and a very special litter brand join forces to help spread the love for special-needs pets everywhere.
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