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What to feed cats.

What to feed cats.

Cats sometimes live up to their reputation as finicky eaters, but there are some strategies to make feeding them simple. The two typical approaches to feeding a cat are: 1) Make a feeding schedule that works for you both, or 2) Use a free-feeding approach in which food is always available.

Whichever you choose, don’t panic if your cat eats a healthy amount one day and then not much the next. You can get your cat eating right by following these suggestions:

Using Dry Food – Make your life easy by leaving out dry cat food all day for the cat to eat whenever it wants. Replace any uneaten food left in the bowl at least once a week.

Using Wet Food – If your cat eats wet food, dole it out at specific times so it doesn’t sit out too long and spoil.

A Consistent Schedule – Whenever you feed your cat, be consistent about the time of day. Only feed your cat once a day, at the same time each day. Or split the portion in half and feed your cat twice a day, whichever works best.

Serve Vegetables – Roughage is a healthy part of a cat’s diet. If your cat strictly lives indoors, consider growing your own cat grasses to distract your cat from nibbling household plants that may harm it. Pet supply stores also offer a variety of cat grasses all ready to go in their own containers.

If All Else Fails – Odor, texture and temperature of food are important and can help entice your cat to eat. With a bit of experimentation, you can find the right combination of factors that you can then repeat at mealtimes in the future.

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