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Tips for new cat owners.

Tips for new cat owners.

When you first get a cat, it’s easy to forget all the things you’ll need to properly care for it. So here’s a simple checklist to help make this labor of love more love and less labor.

  • A bowl for food (studies show that cats like to eat).
  • A bowl for water (cats like cold, fresh water better than stale, warm water).
  • Some cat food (see previously mentioned study).
  • Grooming supplies (brush or comb, nail clipper).
  • Interactive, stimulating toys (the more pounceable, the better).
  • Scratching post (at least 3′ high) or scratching pad.
  • Cat carrier (useful for car trips to the vet or anywhere).
  • Cat bed or box lined with blankets or towels.
  • Safety collar with ID tag.
  • A litter box (hooded for introverts, open for extroverts).
  • A rug or tray to help keep the area outside the litter box neat.
  • A slotted utensil you can use to scoop waste (bend at the knees).
  • Plastic bags to put waste into for disposal in the trash.
  • A clumping litter so waste can be easily scooped and removed.

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