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How to “cat-proof” your home.

Just as a toddler can get hurt exploring a new home, so can your cat. Here are a few ways to cat-proof your home and help prevent accidents.


  • Put screens on windows to prevent your cat from lunging out open windows after birds or other animals — keep an eye out when you're on the balcony, too.
  • Cats can swallow just about any bite-size morsel — yarn, ribbons, tinsel, rubber bands, paperclips, or pins — leading to an unexpected trip to the vet.
  • Give your cat a variety of suitable toys so it won't go looking for dangerous ones.
  • Houseplants can be poisonous to cats, so prevent digging and leaf eating by putting plants out of reach, or covering the soil with aluminum foil.
  • Prevent furniture scratching by using nail guards, sprays and sticky tapes. Also remember to keep its nails trimmed.

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