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For Lil BUB, it was love at first scoop.*

*After all, a special kitty deserves a special litter.


Special-needs feline. Catrapraneur. Kitty with a mission.

Lil BUB was born with a rare condition called osteopetrosis, which is responsible for her small size, unique appearance, and restricted mobility. That’s why Lil BUB feels so strongly about spreading the message of positivity, acceptance, love, and animal welfare awareness.

Lil BUB's Big Show

She’s a published author, a talk show host, and the star of an award-winning documentary.

Lil BUB created the first national fund for special-needs animals, and has helped raised over $600,000 for homeless pets.

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Lil BUB's Big Fund for the ASPCA

Lil BUB loves our 10-day Odor Control Guarantee!

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Scoop Away is proud to join Lil Bub in her mission. To celebrate, we’ve even created a limited-edition box with her beautiful face on it.